Help Topics \ Creating A Tag Share

While viewing the main File page, click on the "Tags & Categories" subnavigation to open a list of the library's categories and tags. If you don't see any tags initially, click on the category bar to make its tags appear. Each tag has a corresponding green "+" Share button. Click this button to add the tag to the Tag Share list in the right-hand side column. Once all applicable tags have been added to this list, you have the option to set a password and expiration date on the Tag Share. If specified, those people with whom you are sharing files will be prompted to enter a password to gain access and/or have until a certain date to download them before the Share is permanently removed. Click the green "Create Share" button save your Share. The page will refresh and a link to your Share will appear near the top of the screen. Copy the link and share it with others (if necessary, be sure to include password and expiration details!). If you need this link later on, worry not, it has been saved. Please visit Viewing/Managing File Shares to learn how to retrieve it.